Update – 5/2008
The information below is out of date. The machine now runs MAME on Windows XP using Mamewah as the front-end menu.


The Operating System is DOS 7.0. (Really it is windows 98, but I have disabled the Windows GUI.)

My autoexec.bat file has a menu system that gives you four choices:


  • Arcade Cabinet – Loads the AdvanceMenu front end
  • DOS – Drops you at the DOS prompt
  • Windows – Loads the Win98 GUI.
  • Shutdown – Calls a freeware DOS utility that powers off the PC



I could not stand AdvanceMenu’s hideous default white and baby blue scheme. Here is a screenshot of my new, improved color scheme.

When you exit AdvanceMenu you are brought back to the menu. I usually only go into Windows when I need to transfer files to/from the cabinet over the network. This arrangement works out very well.

It took quite a while for me to get my sound card working in DOS. (I am getting rusty with my DOS configuration skills.) This site was a great help.

One day when I get a little free time I would like to experiment with the Linux versions as well.

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