Lessons Learned

  • MDF is really heavy. Have a friend help move your creation
  • MDF gives off a boatload of nasty dust when cut. Wear a mask.
  • MDF is useless for ledger use because you cannot screw into the edges. It splits very easily if you do.
  • Lexan is infinitely easier to work with than cheap acrylic plastics.
  • Very accurate scale drawings are important. I tried to use a sketch on graph paper and I had to wing it in a few spots to cover miscalculations.
  • If you have any woodworking skills at all, don’t be afraid of Formica. It is not hard to install as long as you have a router with a laminate bit.
  • Buy extra t-molding. I bought 40 feet and ran out. get 50 or 60.
  • T-Nuts are a great way to attach your joysticks without having bolts showing on your CP.
  • Buy plenty of extra wire ties – you will use more than you think when tidying up your wiring
  • Tinted Glass (tempered or laminated for safety) on front of the monitor makes the cabinet look extremely professional

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