Original 2003 PC:

  • Pentium III 450 Mhz
  • 128MB RAM
  • 20GB HDD
  • Soundblaster 16 PCI
  • Michael Graves Wireless Keyboard. Very cheap ($39) and convenient.
  • Creative Inspire 2900 2.1 speakers These kick butt. They sound great and have a remote volume/bass control with headphone jack that can be mounted outside your cabinet. See Photo:

Arcade Stuff:

  • Wells-Gardner D9200 Hybrid Arcade/PC monitor
  • Happ Super Joysticks
  • Happ 3″ Translucent Blue Trackball
  • Oscar Controls Vortex Spinner
  • Oscar Controls 4-way Joystick restrictor
  • Happ horizontal buttons


  • Advancemame – Win and AdvanceMenu

Cupholders: Marine East

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